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The Power of Printed Workwear: Boosting Company Image and Morale

The Power of Printed Workwear: Boosting Company Image and Morale In a world where first impressions matter, it’s no secret that the way employees present themselves can greatly impact how clients and customers perceive a business. That’s where printed workwear comes in! Not only does it provide a professional look for employees, but it also serves as a powerful branding tool to boost company image. Plus, studies show that when employees feel good about their appearance at work, morale and productivity increase. So let’s dive into the power of printed... Read More


Corporate Togs: Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Embroidered Workwear in Shropshire

Are you tired of searching for stylish and durable workwear that fits your company’s brand image? Look no further than Corporate Togs! Our one-stop-shop in Shropshire offers high-quality embroidered workwear and personalised workwear solutions that combine function and fashion. Whether you’re looking for personalised uniforms or customised workwear, we’re here to help you make a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Discover the benefits of working with us in this blog post. Introduction to Corporate Togs When it comes to corporate wear, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each business... Read More


The Importance of Good Quality Embroidered Workwear

The importance of good quality embroidered workwear: When it comes to uniforms and workwear, quality matters. That’s why many businesses choose to order embroidered workwear from us, Corporate Togs. Embroidery is an art form that has been around for centuries, and it continues to be popular as a way to add a unique touch to clothing and uniforms. Good quality embroidered workwear sets a professional tone for your business and gives your staff a sense of pride in wearing their uniform. It also helps create the right impression with customers,... Read More


Corporate Togs – Shropshire & UK’s Best (not just our opinion)

The world of personalised workwear is full of companies that want to offer the cheapest personalised workwear. We get that, price is so important, but so is value for money. At Corporate Togs, we’re the highest rated embroidered and printed workwear company in Bridgnorth, Shropshire and the Midlands.. probably even further if we looked… we achieve that by being honest with our customer about cost vs value for money, The Importance Of Choosing The Right Personalised Workwear Supplier. From the moment you walk through the door, we’ll help find and... Read More


Logo Workwear

Get your logo workwear in 4 easy steps! Do you want to launch a new line of uniform for the summer? Perhaps you want to reunite the team after lockdown with a new range of logo workwear options? If you’re looking to order personalised logo workwear for your team, Corporate Togs are here to help with your ideas. With 4 simple steps, you can have your very own logo workwear range delivered to your door: Find your garment: You can have the pick of the bunch and choose from garments... Read More

Custom Polo Shirts

Put your order in for custom polo shirts in time for summer Whether you’re looking to host a summer get together and want team polo shirts or would like to invest in new workwear, our range of custom polo shirts are exactly what you’re looking for. At Corporate Togs you can choose from almost any piece of clothing you’re thinking of such as polo shirts, t-shirts, aprons, tabards, fleeces and headwear. We know that each business will have its own demands for their workwear, so we work hard to be... Read More

Embroidered Sweatshirts

Make your mark with our embroidered sweatshirts Every business should always be thinking of new ways on how to spread their brand awareness and improve their teams’ morale. Whether you’re a small company and need to get your name on the radar, or are a well-established business that is looking to try something new, why not consider investing in embroidered sweatshirts? With our range of clothing, you can keep warm during the spring with our range of comfortable and stylish embroidered sweatshirts that can be personalised to the needs of... Read More

Workwear Logo Embroidery

Talk to us about your workwear logo embroider requirements Having personalised workwear for your team can work wonders for brand identity and help everyone to feel closer together. If you’re looking for an innovative way to get your team working well together and boost their spirits, why not consider personalised workwear? By doing so not only brings a team together, but can also help to improve your brand awareness. For clothing that you can make your mark with, we are here to help. At Corporate Togs we can work with... Read More

Printed Aprons

Personalise aprons with Corporate Togs Having aprons as part of your team’s uniform can benefit you hugely. Not only does it help to identify the team from the customers, but it helps hugely with brand identity and promotion. One of the other added benefits to our printed aprons are that you can personalise them however you see fit. You can print or embroider on them what you like, whether it is a logo, company name, or an image that represents your brand. Whatever industry you’re, if you want to boost... Read More

Printed Workwear Uniforms

Make your team feel valued with printed workwear uniforms With most of us working from home and feeling disconnected from our colleagues, team moral is at an all time low. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and before we know it, we’ll be able to work closer together once again. If you want to be prepared for brighter times ahead, you could benefit from investing in some brand-new printed workwear uniforms from our team. At Corporate Togs we give you the option to personalise just... Read More