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You're on our website, and you're either about to, or have recently ordered some embroider/printed/personalised clothing... but, there is more to us than just our brilliant website.  We're a team of humans and we really value working with all customers. We have a very personal approach and we find this helps build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.  We consider all customers important, and you don't become just a number, you become part of our team.


Nick is our Managing Director and is responsible for running the company in its entirety.  He oversees the entire operation and makes all key decisions.

You can email him directly here.


Kim, Naomi, Angela, Lou, Hayley, Nigel & Molly head up our Embroidery Teams.  They work tirelessly day-in, day out-out to manage the embroidery lines and ensure our output and quality matches our customer expectations.

We complete all embroidery in-house and have capacity to embroider 20,000 items a week. You can find out more about our embroidery operation here.



Ashley is our Operations Manager and print guru. He leads a team of experienced and dedicated print boffins who operate the presses, screens and machines for all our print orders.

We print everything in-house and can print in excess of 20,000 items a week.  You can find out more about our print operation here.


Maryjane, Lisa & Annabel are responsible for looking after the science behind our Customer Service and Accounts. They're your first point of contact for any new enquiries, orders or general questions.

You can email our team directly here.


Lisa W is our Accounts leader! She handles all money and finance related issues within the company and is here to ensure our customers pay us on time, and we pay our suppliers on time.

You can email Lisa directly here.