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Personalised Staff Workwear

Start the New Year with personalised staff workwear With the New Year upon us, we all need something to keep us smiling, and what could be better than printed staff workwear to bring in 2021 in style? Nothing helps to bring a team together quite like personalised workwear, and now more than ever before, we need something positive to look forward to and enjoy. At Corporate Togs we have a vast range of personalised staff workwear for you to choose from, all of which can be tailored to your needs.... Read More

Printed Sweatshirts

Browse our range of printed sweatshirts By handing out printed sweatshirts to your team means that you’re spreading your brand far and wide. Whether you encourage your staff to wear them into work as uniform or to an event outside of the workplace, printed workwear can have endless benefits for your business. No matter if you’re a small company and need to get your name noticed, or you’re a well-established business that wants to try something new, why not consider investing in printed sweatshirts? At Corporate Togs we’ve got plenty... Read More

Printed Polo Shirts

Get ready for the summer with our printed polo shirts We know it’s a little premature, but what better way to look forward than by thinking of new uniforms for the New Year? Even better, if you want to be prepared for the warmer months, your staff could benefit hugely from our comfortable printed polo shirts. Keeping them cool in the summer whilst working, donning personalised polo shirts is a great way to advertise your business and bring your team together. On our website you can choose from a wide... Read More

Embroidered Workwear UK

There are many reasons why our embroidered workwear in the UK could transform your business Whatever the type of industry you work in, if you’re looking to step things up a notch, you could benefit from investing in embroidered workwear. Amongst all the positives, just some reasons why so many people invest in personalised workwear include: Excellent promotion– Think about all the extra advertising you can get whether it be when your staff popping out for lunch in their embroidered t-shirt or travel on the tube with their personalised hoodie.... Read More

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Our embroidered polo shirts are a fantastic investment for your business Giving your brand an identity and your staff something to feel part of, our range of embroidered polo shirts are certain to get peoples’ attention. Whether you require a certain colour, style, size or personalisation, we are confident that we can meet the exact needs of your business. At Corporate Togs we’re highly experienced in the process of creating bespoke products with your personalised prints, and tailored polo shirts is one of our specialities. When you choose your polo... Read More

Custom Printed Workwear

Take a look through our website when you want to invest in custom printed workwear Personalised workwear will help to make your employees feel appreciated in their roles within the company. From safety Hi-Viz jackets to work trousers and beanie hats, we can personalise a wide range of clothing. If, for example, you work within the catering industry, then we can personalise various chef clothing such as trousers and hats. Whether you require a logo on a certain piece of clothing or simply need to stick to company colours, we... Read More

Embroidered Beanie Hats

It’s the perfect time of year to invest in embroidered beanie hats for you and your staff If you don’t have the luxury of sitting inside during the colder months, then you need to do all you can to keep warm when working in cold conditions. One of the best ways to trap heat inside the body is by keeping a warm beanie hat on, and with our embroidery service, you can take things one step further and get some extra advertising in at the same time. At Corporate Togs... Read More

Printed Polo Shirts

Put in an order for our printed polo shirts and reap the rewards Are you on a tight advertising budget this year? Maybe you need to spread the word about your business and are looking for cost-effective, innovative ways to gain attention? If so, why not consider investing in printed logo polo shirts your company? For all this and much more, look to Corporate Togs today. Whether it be a work event where you can display them proudly, or in and around work. Personalised clothing is a great way of... Read More

It’s Embroidered Fleece Time

We all know it’s getting cold, it does around this time every year. BUT, do you know how important it is to ensure your staff are kept warm and happy? The Russell 8700m fleece is our favourite. It’s available in men’s and women’s styles, a wide range of colours and sizes and we personalised it with your corporate logo or company name using embroidery. This embroidered fleece will help your staff feel warm, but also help maintain your corporate image to your customers, clients and general public. You can order... Read More

PRO RTX Embroidered Clothing

It’s been a while since our last post, mainly because we’ve had a really busy year. We’ve doubled our warehouse space purchased new embroidery equipment and taken on new members of staff. As “Shropshire’s favourite” embroidered workwear supplier, one thing we’ve been doing recently is advising our customer properly on the best type of personalised clothing to order.  It sounds easy right, but it’s not. We try to our best to offer great value for money and quality products, and that brings us onto a new brand we’re loving at... Read More