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Children's Stanley/Stella

Personalised Kids Clothing – Corporate Togs - Let kids have fun in colourful and cosy clothes! Kids just want to have fun, which is why at Corporate Togs we let you dress up your kids in the most appealing clothes. Our variety of personalised kidswear is extensive and features some interesting clothing items. From skirts to pants and sweaters, you will find every type of kidswear at Corporate Togs. And when it comes to customising your kids’ clothes with a character they like, we can help you with it. We offer unlimited customisation options so you can design clothes as you desire. We also have a huge variety of embroidered kidswear and printed kidswear so your kids can look great all the time. Our kidswear range also includes school uniforms that are made using premium fibre that stays in perfect shape for an entire year. Our kids’ clothes are major confidence boosters, allowing kids to not only feel comfortable, but feel great.

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  • Children's Mini Creator Iconic T-Shirt (Sttk909) OUR CHOICE
    x210 Colour/Size Options ›
  • Children's Mini Cruiser Iconic Hoodie Sweatshirt (Stsk911) OUR CHOICE
    x70 Colour/Size Options ›
  • Children's Mini Changer Iconic Crew Neck Sweatshirt (Stsk913) OUR CHOICE
    x65 Colour/Size Options ›
  • Children's Mini Scouter Iconic Crew Neck Sweatshirt (Stsk916) OUR CHOICE
    x80 Colour/Size Options ›

Kids Printed/Embroidered Clothing - Stylish kidswear for every occasion!

Looking for trendy kidswear? Welcome to Corporate Togs, your one-stop shop for a variety of personalised kidswear. From everyday casual wear to stylish clothes for parties, we have it all. And when it comes to kids' uniforms, we also have an extensive range from popular apparel brands. The quality of these clothes is impressive, ensuring that your kids are feeling cosy and relaxed all day long. The uniforms on offer are made from quality fibre to last an entire school year.

The best part about ordering kidswear from us is that we let you customise with complete freedom. From embroidered kidswear to printed kidswear, you can order any type of clothing and dress your kids in style. If your kid likes a cartoon character, you can customise their clothing with the print of the character and surprise them.